Our three principals have more than 80 years of combined experience in equities and share a passion for the capital markets and a common ambition to seek out unique investment opportunities. Our varied skillsets allow us to combine detailed financial analysis with broader industry and markets analysis, and to build lasting relationships with the senior managements of the companies we track and own.


ATIKRAI CHATIKAVANIJPortfolio Manager / Founder

After completing his education in the UK and US, Atikrai (Jeep) almost became a diplomat serving the Thai government, but destiny led him to start his professional life as a zinc salesman instead. Jeep later found his passion as a sales-trader with several of Thailand’s leading securities firms, including Jardine Fleming, before transforming that experience into an investment philosophy. His passion for investments led him to set up the Bangkok-based Hunters Investments in 2003. The Ton Poh Fund was subsequently launched in 2005 with Jeep as the Principal Founder and Portfolio Manager

KITTIKA LENAVATDirector of Research / Partner

Kittika (Pao) joined the team in late 2007 and became the Head of Research in 2009, and Partner in 2012. Her professional background is in auditing and financial analysis, which led her to work as an equity analyst with BZW during the 1990s. Her combined experience lends her expertise in a number of different industries, and her financial accounting skills are second to none. As Director of Research Kittika helps drive the team’s financial modelling and analysis and supports Jeep on numerous aspects of portfolio management.

SCOTT CHRISTENSENPortfolio Advisor / Partner

Scott joined the fund in 2018 after retiring from a 25-year career with J.P.Morgan and heritage Jardine Fleming, where he and Jeep worked together for 5 years spanning the Asian Financial Crisis. After a decade as an Asian banks analyst, Scott served as J.P.Morgan’s deputy head of Asian equity research where he managed the equity product and client marketing, oversaw research on IPOs, and ran analyst training programs. He combines bottom-up and top-down analysis to support the team with overall equity analysis and stock-picking.



Boonchai (Chai) has been with Hunters since its beginnings in 2003. He is responsible for all dealings and settlements and helping Jeep fine-tune the portfolio to maintain target holding levels. Boonchai handles the process of marking-to-market the portfolio NAV and other performance metrics for internal management purposes. He also acts as Hunters’ IT services specialist, overseeing the hardware/software and related IT for the office.


On-oo-sa (Yui) first worked with Jeep at Jardine Fleming before moving to Hunters in 2003 and facilitates the running of Hunters’ operations. She is responsible for all internal administration, and for duties related to client management. She is also the chief liaison with the fund’s external service providers.