Focus: Our philosophy is to have a focused portfolio of high conviction ideas. We aim to generate absolute returns and do not attempt to track any particular benchmark indices. We have a strong bias toward smaller companies that have a proven track record and are engaged in businesses that are enjoying relatively high growth. We may also invest in larger companies that fit within our growth and returns criteria.

Conviction: From day one we’ve always had the absolute conviction that select Thai equities have a place in any portfolio, since they offer unique growth opportunities that can generate above average capital appreciation for the patient investor. We also believe there are unique opportunities in businesses that have exposure to the broader CLMV region either through trade links or investments in the region.

Dedication: We are dedicated to doing a common thing uncommonly well - using a bottom-up methodology to find the best multi-year stock investment stories. We look for companies that are benefiting from a changing environment and competitive dynamics. We find many of these in emerging growth industries, though some are in traditional businesses undergoing change or disruption. We prefer investing alongside management who maintain a significant equity stake.