ATIKRAI CHATIKAVANIJPortfolio Manager / Founder

After completing his education from the UK and the US, Atikrai Chatikavanij (Jeep) almost became a diplomat serving the Thai government. Destiny led him to become a zinc salesman. Jeep later found his passion as a sales trader before transforming that into an investment ideology and setup the Bangkok-based Hunters Investments in 2003. The Ton Poh Fund was subsequently launched in 2005 with him as the Principal Founder and Portfolio Manager.

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Atikrai (Jeep) Chatikavanij is a Thai national who was educated in the UK and the US. Upon obtaining his BA in International Studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Jeep returned to Bangkok in 1984 and started his career at Padaeng Industry, a Zinc mining and smelting...

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